Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz
Yellow Topaz (also known as Imperial Topaz) is an astrological substitute for Yellow Sapphire. It has many astrological benefits.

Topaz Gemstones is an aluminium silicate that additionally has fluoride and hydroxide ions. The perfect topaz is colourless, but is usually available in numerous colours – yellow being one of the most significant and rare of them.

Yellow topaz Gemstones has been popular throughout history. It has even been used among African tribes in their healing rituals. This stone is usually unearthed within granite and pegmatite deposits. Egyptians thought that the yellow topaz caught the rays of the Sun. Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tasmania, Brazil and Nigeria have been the top-most sellers of yellow topaz.

Who Should Wear An Astrological Yellow Topaz Gemstone?
• Yellow Topaz is beneficial for those born under the Sagittarius and Pisces Zodiac Signs.

• Yellow Topaz can be worn by those who are ruled by Jupiter.

• Yellow Topaz can also be worn by those who are looking for abundance and prosperity and/or spiritual understanding.

Benefits Of An Astrological Yellow Topaz Gemstone
• Golden Topaz is a strong stone for health issues like joint pain, lower backache, elimination problems, obesity, constipation, anorexia, and poor immune system function.

• It is especially helpful for people suffering from diabetes, hypoglycemia, gallstones, nervousness, low energy, muscle cramps, stomach problems, lumbar spine, liver disorders.

• It brings abundance and prosperity to its wearer.

• It is a powerful stone that aids in spiritual understanding.

• Wearing a yellow topaz will benefit the health of the stomach area. It is said to be an effective healing stone within this chakra and is excellent for liver, kidney and bladder problems or imbalances.

• Also, those who suffer from asthma and other throat related issues may benefit from its energy.

• Golden Yellow Topaz aids in boosting your faith, and bring helpful people to your side to help you to achieve your intentions.

• Wearing a Yellow Topaz brings joy and peace and helps in developing healthy friendships

• It is also useful for those suffering from diabetes

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