Coral (Moonga)

Red Coral, also called “OX blood” in the trade, is a precious gemstone formed in the deep sea by marine creatures called coral polyps (Corallium r ...more. It is a popular astrological gemstone worn to ensure success in leadership roles, sports, business, and health.

As Mars is believed to be the ruling planet of Aries, Moonga is said to be the life stone for Mesha (मेष) Rashi or Aries Zodiac sign. Especially sportsmen of Aries ascendant must surely wear a Red Coral gem.

Increased Confidence and Courage. The red coral gemstone is the symbol of the royal god of war, Mars.Overcome Obstacles. Improve Mental and Physical Health. Lick Lethargy. Better Relationships. Protects Against "Black Magic" .Overcome Character Flaws. Relief from Debt.

The best shape of red coral to use is the triangular shape. It is known as the Lakshmi Moonga,also referred to as Tikona Moonga The best red corals come from the Mediterranean. Italy works most of the Mediterranean corals, but Hong Kong also receives a great deal of this material for cutting.

नाम का प्रथम अक्षर चू चे चो ला ली लू ले लो अ

तो ना नी नू ने नो या यू ये

राशि मेष,व्रश्चिक
स्वामी मंगल
रत्न मूंगा
धारण दिन मंगलवार
समय सूर्योदय से 1 घंटे बाद
अंगुली अनामिका
धातु सोना/चांदी/ताम्र
उपरत्न लालगार्नेट,कहरवा,लालजैस्पर
मंत्र ॐ अंअंगारकाय नमः
जाप संख्या 108 या अधिक

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Coral (Moonga)

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