Coral (Moonga)

Red Coral (Moonga ) is a famous red colored precious gemstone with several astrological benefits.
As per Hindu Mythology, Red coral Gemstone is believed to nullify malefic effects of Mars or Mangal Graha and to please him. Mars being the god of war and energy is the commander-in-chief of the assembly of the nine planets. His red color is the symbol of blood and perseverance in human life. He is known as “Angarak” and the son of the earth due to his nearness to the earth.

Coral Gemstone is found in Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, France, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and India.

Who should wear a Red Coral?
Red Coral is the birthstone for Aries sunsign (14 Apr – 15 May). In Indian astrology, Moonga stone strengthens Mars (Mangal) and is the rashi ratna for Aries (Mesh) and Scorpio (Vrishchik). Red Coral stone bestows the powers of Mars on its wearer and brings him strength, stamina, confidence and good health. Ascendants of Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo and Cancer can also wear a Red Coral gemstone.

Which Red Coral stone Should I Buy?
• Red Coral (Moonga) gemstone should ideally weigh at least 1/10th in carats of your body weight. (60 kg body weight = 6 carat stone)

• The stone should preferably be free of spots, orange to deep red in color and have no chemical or heat treatments.

• For Astrological purpose, Italian red corals are considered to be the best Red Corals.

Red Coral Benefits
• Red Coral gives its wearer stamina, strength and the ability to work hard.

• In Astrology, Red Coral strengthens Mars and is therefore highly beneficial for people in occupations that are laborious and require physical activity. E.g., famous sportspeople are seen to have a very strong Mars (Mangal).

• In Vedic Astrology, Mars (Mangal) planet is called ‘Bhoomi-Kaarak’, which means ‘the patron of Land’. Therefore, Moonga gemstone benefits people who work in Land and Real Estate related sectors. Also, it increases the wearer’s likeliness to own or inherit property.

• Medically, Red Coral is said to help keep the ‘Heart’ strong and cure ailments related to blood flow. It is believed to help in curing problems related to Blood Pressure, Hemoglobin and the menstrual cycle etc.

• Moonga stone is said to help the wearer recover from diseases such as Piles (Hemorrhoids), Fever, Impotency, Indigestion etc.

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Coral (Moonga)

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