Moon Stone (Chandra Mani)

Know about Moon stone (Chandra Mani)
The moonstone (Chandramani) is characterized by an enchanting play of light. Indeed it owes its name to that mysterious shimmer which always looks different when the stone is moved and is known in the trade as ‘adularescence’. In earlier times, people believed they could recognize in it the crescent and waning phases of the moon.


Moonstone is an ancient gemstone, usually set in jewellery, due to its beautiful and distinctive semi-transparent blue tint and shimmering color play. It is considered to be the stone of the goddess of the moon and is thus a protective stone for women and nature. It is also known as chandrakant stone in Hindi and is an excellent stone for calmness, serenity and emotional balance and is known to attract good fortune. It is an astrological substitute for precious Moonstone gemstones.

Who Should Wear Moonstone?
Moonstone is the traditional birthstone fort the month of June and is the zodiac stone for Cancer. It is an extremely beneficial for musicians, artists, writers and composers and is known to stimulate creativity and promote synchronization with nature’s aura and vibe.


How To Choose The Perfect Astrological Moonstone Gemstone?
Moonstones with characteristic semi transparent blue tint throughout the stone and enchanting shimmer effect are considered to be highly beneficial astrologically.
To be astrologically most effective, they should have no visible internal inclusions.
Moonstones sourced from Sri Lanka are considered to be most effective astrologically.


Astrological Moonstone Benefits
Moonstones are known to attract good fortune and assisting in predicting the future.
It enhances intuition and promotes inspiration.
Also speculated to bring success in the matters of love and business.
Also considered to be a travelling stone, it is also said to offer protection on land and on the sea.

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