Ruby (Manik)

Ruby (Manik) is a red colored precious gemstone, also known as the ‘King of Gems’, with great astrological significance.

Who Should Wear A Ruby?

Ruby is the birthstone for Leo sun sign. In Indian astrology, Ruby stone strengthens Sun (Surya) and is the rashi ratna for Leo (Simha). Ruby gemstone (also known as ‘Manikya’ in Hindi) bestows wealth, status, respect, dignity and the powers of the Sun God upon its wearer. Ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio can also wear a Ruby stone.

Which colour would you spontaneously associate with love and vivacity, passion and power? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Red. Red is the colour of love. It radiates warmth and a strong sense of vitality. And red is also the colour of the ruby, the king of the gemstones. In the fascinating world of gemstones, the ruby is the undisputed ruler.
The Sanskrit word for ruby is ‘ratnaraj’, which means something like ‘king of the gemstones’. And it was a royal welcome indeed which used to be prepared for it. Whenever a particularly beautiful ruby crystal was found, the ruler sent high dignitaries out to meet the precious gemstone and welcome it in appropriate style. Today, rubies still decorate the insignia of many royal households.

Which Ruby Gemstone Should I Buy?
• The ideal weight of your Ruby gem (Manik) is at least 1/12th in carats of your body weight. (60 kg body weight = 5 carat stone)

• The stone should preferably have high clarity, pinkish to dark red color and no chemical or heat treatments.

• For Astrological purpose, Old Burma Ruby stones are considered the best.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits
• Ruby or Manik stone has symbolized royalty since ages. It is known to bring status, dignity, wealth, professional success and the power of social influence to its wearer.

• It brings recognition and respect when worn by people who are in top-level Government and Administrative jobs.

• Ruby is believed to strengthen the planet Sun in its wearer’s horoscope. It has been noted that people who have a strong positioning of Sun in their horoscope have a luxurious and sophisticated life and always mark their presence wherever they go.

• Sun (Surya) is symbolic of ‘Father’ in Astrology. Wearing a Manik ratna (gemstone) strengthens paternal relations, improves father’s health and increases the likeliness of inheriting a successful legacy.

• Medically, Ruby symbolizes the Heart, the Eyes and Bones. It is believed that wearing a Ruby gemstone benefits Heart conditions, improves the eye sight and makes bones stronger.

• It is said that Manik stone benefits its wearer’s metabolic activities and increases their body temperature.

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Ruby (Manik)

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