White Coral (Saphed Moonga)

White Coral is an astrological substitute for Diamond or White Sapphire. Also known as “Safed Moonga”, it is a variety of marine Coral. Wearing a White Coral lends tremendous stability and peace of mind in such cases and strengthens a person physically and emotionally. It is found in the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea areas.

A Coral Gemstones is formed from generation after generation of calcium carbonate exoskeleton growth by marine polyps. While all Coral isn’t made into precious or semi-precious Gemstones, it’s certain varieties of red and White Coral which have attracted attention as semi-precious Gemstones for their durability and intense colours. These can be found in coral reefs across the world, especially near the coasts of Australia and the USA.

Coral has always been associated with sacred powers. Ancient Egypt, Greece and Anglo-Saxon Europe revered its use. It was used in early ships to ward off pirates and ‘sea monsters’. It was a major point of trade between the Mediterranean and Indian coasts. Even the early Norwegians used it for decorating their weapons. It is used even now in Europe and Scandinavia as a protection against evil powers.

Who Should Wear A White Coral?
• White Coral is beneficial for those born under the Taurus and Libra Zodiac Signs.

• White Coral can be worn by those who are ruled by Venus and Mars.

• White Coral is beneficial for those who are looking for protection, prosperity and spiritual awakening.

Qualities Of A Good White Coral
A good White Coral should be totally opaque

it should have a consistent shining white color

A polished White Coral should have porcelain like shining surface when polished.

Benefits Of A White Coral
Enhances love between partners and helps in improving marital life.

Attracts comfort conveyances , health and wealth

White Coral wards off negativity and gives protection to the wearer.

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