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Dana Firang (Malachite)


We sell 100% Natural, Authentic & Genuine Semi-Precious & Precious CERTIFIED Gemstones. This Gemstone is of DELUX Category. Direct Visible Natural Inclusions are found like few bands and veins and very few dark spots, Gem is opaque. We at NIW GEMSTONES TREASURES provide gemstones in categories which are based on cut, carat, clarity, colour & origin of the gemstones. Our base category is know as AFFORDABLE CATEGORY, and then it rises upto ECONOMY, STANDARD, DELUX, PREMIUM, PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE, ELITE, ELITE EXCLUSIVE, ROYAL & ROYAL EXCLUSIVE. Natural inclusions fillers and flaws such as opaque nets or nerves, veins, grains, spots, clouds, colour distortion inside the gemstone are all 100% natural inclusions found in almost all gemstones. Gemstones price depends upon its clarity, colour, carat, cut and origin.


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