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Natural Vaijanti Mala


People think a garland made from the seeds of Vaijayanti flowers is holy and has a lot of value when doing Vishnu Puja or Homam or praising Krishna. The most important gods in Hinduism, Vishnu and Lord Krishna, get flowers made from these magical seeds. Mantras can also be said with the 108 + 1 Vaijanti beads that make up the Vaijanti seed chain.

When a believer prays over this mala, their doshas are adjusted. People say whoever wears this powerful mala will also have a beautiful and charming personality. This mala can also be used as a charm to keep bad energy and evil eyes away from a person. People also think the person who wears the Vyjayanthimala will never lose anything. People often do japa with this holy mala and think about Vishnu, Lord Krishna, or Lord Rama. Vaijayanti can be used to make wreath seeds that are both white and black.


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